Oracle Payroll Costing Concept

To understand Payroll Costing concept, I would first discuss the Costing Allocation Key Flex field, during the business group definition it is being created and map with Cost Allocation KFF with following segments normally

• Company
• Cost Centre
• Natural Account

During the configuration of Cost Allocation KFF the most important concept is to set the Flex Field Qualifiers at each segment level, we have the five levels available for each segment i.e.

• Payroll
• Balancing
• Organization
• Element Link
• Assignment
• Element Entry

For the Company segment following setting can be applied

Payroll Checked
Balancing Checked

This setting will explain that the Company Account will be input at Payroll level (debit information) and balancing information will goes into credit information and on every segment level it is mandatory to define Balancing.

For the Cost Centre segment, I can set the following setting

Payroll Checked
Organization checked
Balancing checked

This setting will explain that the Cost Cent…

Create SIT Applications in Oracle SSHR - Part2

Step 4 – Map Function with Menu

Next is to add this function (Medical Reimbursement) to the Menu for TEST Employee Self Service.

Then we also need to open the menu "Global Self Service Functions Custom". And add our function to it as well under the function column.

Next we now navigate to our function and we have to personalize the page for it.

Step 5 – Personalize the Page

After this, we have to personalize the page:


to only show our SIT at functional level.

To do this, we will click on our new function in SSHR. But this will show all of the SIT's available which is quite a lot.
So on this page, we click on the "Personalization" link at the top.

Then from here, we find the column "Flex: Key flex for Sit" near the very bottom click the pen image to personalize the page.
Now, on the next page that shows up, find the "Segment List" column.

For this field, we enter values under the functio…

Create SIT Applications in Oracle SSHR - Part1

Create Applications with Special Information Types in Oracle
Task – To create a Medical Reimbursement form on SSHR screen so the employees can easily update their medical bills every month and their manager can approve these bills and at the end of the month a process have to be run which will transfer these bills into employee’s payroll elements so before payroll run these bill should be updated

Step 1 – Creating SIT

Login in as System Administrator -> Flexfield -> Key -> Segments

Search for Application (Human Resources) and Flexfield Title (Personal Analysis Flexfield)

Define a new row, we can call it MEDICAL_REIMBURSEMENT_KFF and the description can be Job Requests.

Next we click on "Segments" to define the form fields to be used in the application.

Field - ValueSet
Employee Name LOV
Nature of Sickness LOV
Details of Sickness 30Char
Hospital Name 30Char
Amount All…

Multiple Payroll and Currencies Setup

Multiple Payroll and Currencies Setup
This type of implementation is the challenging implementation and you create multiple payroll based on the currencies involved for example if you are paying your employees in USD,EURO,GBP KWD,BHD etc. then the best option is to create multiple payrolls based on each currency type e.g.

XX Payroll KWD
XX Payroll BHD
XX Payroll USD

For this you need to create multiple elements and their links based on each currency type e.g.

Basic Salary USD
Basic Salary KWD
Basic Salary BHD
House Allowance USD
House Allowance KWD
House Allowance BHD

You can divide your employees by creating elements links and define the Payroll Type for each link and make standard link for automatically element attachment ( be sure that you cannot delete this link as this will immediately assign this element to all the employees who are in the particular payroll)

Payroll Processing 2

Hi All , This is the 2nd part of Payroll Processing , in this videos more processes shown in detail.

Oracle Payroll R12 - Payroll Processing 1

Hi , This is the last part of Payroll Tutorial, In this video , we will see how payroll process for an individual person through Quick Pay and how Payroll process for all Employees through Payroll Run Process and Prepayments process for payment distribution. In the next tutorial we will see more processes in detail for complete payroll processing.

Oracle Payroll R12 - Salary Administration

Hi all, This is the sixth part of Oracle Payroll Tutorial, Salary Administration function is used to set the employee's Basic Pay as we already map this element with salary Basis , so keep one thing in mind that Salary Basis element should not be Standard element because when we take element as Standard it automatically include in the entries list of the employee's Assignment and if this element exist in the entries list , you can not add Salary through Salary link in Employee Assignment window.